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BRAKE DISC SERVICE   $290.95* (incl gst)  


- Labour to remove wheels, strip calipers and rotors

- High quality brake pads**

- Disc machining existing rotors***

- Lube all brake caliper slides and re-assemble

- Test drive


* This price applies to $290.95 for the front set or $290.95 for the rear set.

** Some vehicles (European/ Performance braking system vehicles / trucks) may cost extra due to the higher cost of brake pads. Free check and quote available


***At the time of replacing the brake pads we check the rotors and either skim the rotors or replace them if they are undersize. We will measure the rotors first to make sure they will not be below the minimum legal thickness once skimmed. If they are below minimum, new rotors will need to be fitted and we can provide a quote on request. If the discs are slotted or drilled, there will be an additional cost for the skimming.


Please feel free to call us on (09) 479 5764 with any questions. You are welcome to bring your car in to our workshop for a free check and quote if you are unsure.